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We build custom rifles to consistent standards, providing extreme accuracy whether they are for hunting or competition. Building custom rifles has two major factors: one is the above and the other is building the rifle to suit your budget, giving everyone the opportunity to have that special rifle.

We carry a selection of nearly-new custom rifles available on an ongoing basis – please phone for details.

We are currently carrying out rifle-smith work for the trade, along with fitting sound moderators for gun shops around the UK and Ireland.

All machining work is carried out in-house without lengthy delays brought about by using other companies’ services:-


  • Re-barrelling – most popular reamers in stock
  • Muzzle thread – UNF, UNEF and Metric
  • Composite stocks – Stock fitting, pillar-bedding and adjustments
  • Walnut stocks – Alterations, casting for height and alignment
  • General rifle-smith work carried out on all factory produce rifles


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every successful company and it is with this in mind that we strive to base our reputation as well as providing you, our customer, with the choice of rifles and reloading accessories.
We are based in Howden, East Yorkshire. Our friendly customer service, genuine honest advice and our sheer drive to improve on our products and service will continue to be our ultimate aim.

Many of our regular customers have already received the high standards we provide and highly recommend the service that they receive from us to others, but why don’t you be the ultimate judge of that yourself.

All used rifles are serviced and tested to make sure that the rifle and barrel will deliver a representative group at 100 yards.
We believe that you the customer must be advised correctly and have the opportunity to test your prospective rifle on our range, to ensure that the rifle suits you.

We have much experience in rifles and reloading equipment for hunting, delivering extreme accuracy for the connoisseur. Manufacturing custom rifles to your exacting specification.

We are specialist gun dealers established in 1994. We cater for customers across the hunting spectrum. We trade directly to our customer base and pride ourselves upon our personal service. There are no prices on this site, merely phone regarding our rifles and accessories and we will endeavour to offer you factory direct best prices.

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About Us

I have over thirty years experience within the hunting fraternity. I am a registered gun dealer capable of saving you considerable amounts of money on the purchase of rifles. Amongst my field skills are stalking, where I take private parties to hunting grounds both at home and abroad and I am heavily involved in pest management within my local rural community, controlling the numbers of foxes in a humane and professional manner.  As well as my experience in the field, I have considerable experience of training marksmen for pest control companies.

I have had many years experience in reloading ammunition for both my own rifles and colleagues in UK and Ireland. This began in pursuit of producing groups that would be consistent and perform out at ranges of up to 500 yards.
Standard factory ammunition is mostly adequate for the hunter who shoots periodically and is happy shooting average groups of around 1″ to 2″. In my opinion if you have purchased a rifle and scope to go hunting with, why not develop the third phase in custom ammo.


Every hunter’s goal is a quick, clean kill. As a professional hunter myself, I know what demands are placed on the bullet and load, for big game. I have extensively researched bullets and tested their performance. Bullets retaining less than 50% of their original weight allowed animals to travel 110% further than did bullets retaining 80% or more?

Clean kills require proper bullet placement. Beyond that, you need the bullet to penetrate and have weight retention. Perfect performance comes in the results when a bullet passes through an animal to lodge just under the skin on the far side. Time and time again, in my opinion has shown that killing power depends on penetration. The bullet must penetrate to reach vital organs and create a wound channel. When you do lose a wounded animal, it’s usually down to lack of penetration or the bullet breaking up, due to, to greater velocity. Some factory produced rounds may not have adequate bullet tips into complete the job in hand.

The same theory does not apply when fox and vermin shooting, these bullets are designed to give maximum expansion and maximum tissue damage at high velocity’s over extreme distances. Velocities may reach in and around 4000 fps.  As staunch enthusiasts, we are faced with the challenge to preserve the traditions of hunting and the shooting sports. I can assure you that I am completely committed to the task that lies before us.

Our products are tried and tested in order to make sure that we can deliver to you 100% peace of mind.

Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions, our sales department is oriented towards providing to you the best customer service and to insure you have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Our customer service team answers all
e-mails quickly.

If you have any queries why not send me an
e-mail explaining your needs and I will try to accommodate them?

Please note that I can only supply firearms and their component parts within the UK and Eire.

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