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Predator Special Action

Predator V

Predator Special Actions

The Predator special actions are designed for specific purpose use.

The Predator V is an action designed for the varmint hunter that shoots from a bench or the lower end benchrest shooter. It is available in right bolt left port short action only with 223 or 308 bolfaces. It has a coned bolt, a special designed bolt knob and a little tighter fit on the bolt. 

The P1000 is designed for the long range competition shooter and works great in F-Class also. It is available in right bolt, left load, right eject only, long and short, 308 and mag faces. It is available in 1.35 and 1.55 diameters. Both actions have our standard benchrest 1.115 x 18 TPI tenon to help hold the heavier longer barrels used in this competition.

Predator and TAC difference

There are very few differences between the TAC and the Predator actions. Here they are:

  • The bottom cutout on repeaters
  • The Predator short and long, 308 and magnum boltfaces have an extended loading box cutout. The cut is 0.130
    longer than a standard Remington. It will take Wyatt’s Outdoor or HS Precision extended boxes.
  • The 223 boltface Predator, TAC30 and TAC300 series actions have the standard cutout and will take a Remington
    box as is.
  • Scope holes
  • The Predator XP, short and long action has 6 – 48 TPI screw holes.
  • All TAC actions and the Predator Xtreme have 8 – 40 TPI screw holes.
  • Bolt Knob, all threaded on
  • Predator and Predator Xtreme have small teardrop.
  • All TAC actions have larger tactical knob anodized black.
  • Finish Color
  • Predator and Predator Xtreme are matte finished stainless
  • All TAC actions have black oxide finished stainless.
  • TAC338 and Predator Xtreme
  • Same action except color and name. Both have universal cutout on bottom for either AI magazine or Weatherby

The Tactical line of actions are designed for tactical types of use. They can also be used for long range hunting. They are a stainless steel drop in replacement for the Remington 700 series actions that has a black oxide coating. The TAC 30 will fit any stock for a short action, the TAC 300 for a long. TAC 30 actions have 223 and 308 and magnum boltfaces, TAC 300 actions have 308 or magnum boltfaces. The TAC 338 is specifically designed for the 338 Lapua Magnum or 378 Weatherby based cartridges. The TAC 338 is a also a little larger than the standard long Remington. It is 0.050 larger in diameter and 0.465 longer. That is needed to accommodate the 0.750 diameter bolt that we feel is necessary for this cartridge. The TAC 408 is available in both 1.45 and 1.60 diameters. Both the TAC 338 and TAC 408 have no feed lips and use only center feed boxes. Bottom metal with magazines are available from many sources. The 223 boltface uses the Sako style extractor, while the others use a modified M16 type. The TAC 338 actions in the right picture are shown with the standard straight handle as is the TAC 408. All tactical actions feature a screw-on knob. One piece picatinney rails in standard and 20 moa offset are available. The bolt finish is black iron nitride QPQ.

Stainless tactical actions

Drop in replacement for popular Remington 700 series actions. Fits same stocks, triggers and has same nominal headspacing.

Available in short, long and 338 Lapua length. Tactical 30 actions have 223 and 308 and magnum boltfaces, Tactical 300 actions have 308 or magnum boltfaces. The Tactical 338 is specifically designed for the 338 Lapua Magnum or 378 Weatherby based cartridges. It has a little larger footprint, the diameter is 0.050 larger and the length is 0.465 longer to accommodate the larger boltface. The Tactical 408 is designed to be used for cartridges based on the 408 CheyTac brass.

  • All action bodies use 416R stainless steel hardened to 41 Rockwell C.
  • Bolt hole is gun-drilled and then wire edm’ed with the rails to ensure exact tolerances and size control. Bolt fit       body is typically .0040 to .0060.
  • Rails incorporate anti-bind rail for smooth operation when sliding bolt across port cutouts.
  • Bolt is factory lapped and either coated with Black Iron Nitride QPQ to reduce visibility. Bolts are spiral fluted.
  • Repeaters have standard magazine cutout for use with Remington parts or we offer a bedding system that uses
    proven Accuracy International magazines. 
  • Picatinney rails are available from SPF.
  • Standard front Remington bases fit both front and rear mounts.  
  • Standard finish is bead blasted matte with a black oxide coating.
  • Bolt stop is on side above the stock line.
  • Full round back and smaller port allow for a much stiffer action.
  • Uses industry standard Remington style firing pin with 0.068 diameter.
  • The Tactical 30 and Tactical 300 actions use 1.0625-16 tpi, 0.700 inch headspace.
  • Tactical 338 actions use 1.125-16 tpi, 1.000 inch headspace.
  • Tactical 408 actions use 1.187-16 tpi, 1.100 inch headspace.

    The TAC series has some upgrades versus the standard Remington 700. Click on the features button below for a listing of the features that make this action the must have for your next project.

We also have our TAC 30 A/W and Spectre short actions. They have a cutout for the magazine dedicated to use the outstanding Accuracy International double stack ‘Arctic Warfare’ magazines. We have detachable bottom metal for them that utilize this magazine. The short action does not have feedlips, so a DBM is required. Go to the accessories page for more information on them. The same bottom metal works on our other actions or any Remington cutout with the centerfeed mags.

We make the Spectre in a long action version which has the same cutout as our TAC300 or Remington 700.

Rimfire Actions

These are our line of rimfire actions. They all are designed for the popular 22LR cartridge.

They range in use from competition 22 rimfire benchrest to tactical trainers to hunting.

The 2500XS meets Sporter class IR50/50 rules, but will not feed well from the magazine.

The 2500X line of actions is SPF’s attempt at perfection. No stone was left unturned for this line of actions. The processes and steps that occur in the manufacture of these are bordering on being ridiculous. We start with the finest stress relieved 416R steel. We gundrill, pull ream with barrel type bore reamers and OD turn the blanks to an oversize dimension. At that point some of the machining happens. We then heat treat the parts, stress relieve them and then GRIND the OD to the ID. The threads and face are then put in and engraved. The parts then go to Melonite to surface harden, make slick and black. They are then re-ground again and the OD is held within 0.001 diameter, straightness and roundness. It also gives the attractive black lettering on the perfectly ground surface. All the internal parts are made in similar fashions.

The ignition system is a culmination of all the designs out there with all their issues fixed. No other action completely controls all the angular misalignments and rubbing points like this one does. The firing pin is guided internally in the bolt such that the only contact points are the pin in the front and a small section in the rear near the cocking piece. The bolt shroud is located in the body by a pin that perfectly centers the cocking piece in the trigger such that good consistent contact is made to the trigger sear. The shroud is then located to the front bolt half with a setscrew into a spot to perfectly align the pinholes for the firing pin.

Other features include easy loading, choice of removable bolt knobs, trigger hanger for popular Remington pattern triggers, Wire EDM cut extractors from tool steel and most importantly, tolerances that are hardly measurable. The 2500X and 2500XS are available in RBRP and RBLP configurations. The bolt pattern on the bottom is the same as the Turbo, but the front is slightly longer. The 2500XS uses a Sako magazine. It is very lightweight and aimed SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BENCHREST SPORTER CLASS. Don’t try to really use this as a repeater. Feeding from the magazine causes issues and is not recommended and we will not accept responsibility for anyone using it in this manner.

The 2500XR is a true repeater using low cost Savage magazines. This is aimed at the tactical trainer market or for the customer that wants a true high quality 22 that just isn’t available in America anymore. It shares most of the features of the 2500X line. The OD is not ground on this action and the surface is all black for the tactical market. It fits into a standard short action Remington footprint stock. It works in a standard BDL bottom cut with the door removed. It usually works with most DBM setups also. The magazine system is self contained and does not require any stock attachments etc. The area around the trigger hanger may need relieved to clear the hanger. It works with most triggers, but call us for our list. The triggers like the Timney that pivot from the rear do not work with the bolt design.

Available in RBRP only.

We also supply a full line of scope mounts etc for these. We have them in different offsets and are true Mil Spec Picatinney.