The Timney Calvin Elite Series Triggers now features Carbon Nitride Coating, which allows the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality trigger available anywhere. The thermochemical process simultaneously diffuses nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferrous metals.

This coating is substantially harder than hardened tool steel and increases the long-term wear, provides exceptional corrosion resistance, far surpassing the military salt water corrosion standards and increases lubricity to your trigger. This provides your Timney with a lifetime of smooth edges because we understand the importance of, “Every shot counts.”

For the discriminating shooter, demanding the utmost performance from their trigger, Timney has created a new line of triggers designed to be robust and yet delicate enough to be set with a pull weight as low as 8 ounces. An engineering accomplishment, the Calvin Elite series of Timney Triggers feature wear components that are made from A2 tool steel, heat-treated to Rockwell 58 and Teflon-nickel coatings. Sears are wire EDM cut and triggers are CNC machine using state-of-the-art robotics. The lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium housings are CNC machined and anodized Timney Elite Gold.

The Calvin Elite Series of triggers are named for Calvin Motley, Timney’s design genius, who is responsible for such award-winning triggers as the Timney AR drop-in trigger, Remington 700 with unique trigger blocking safety and loads of other critically acclaimed replacement triggers.


Ο    Self-contained drop in trigger.
Ο    Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminium housing with Wire EDM cut, heat-treated 
       tool steel trigger and sears.
Ο    Featuring a double sear design.
Ο    Timney Golden Elite coloured housing.
Ο    Two position, trigger blocking side safety.
Ο    Fully adjustable Sear Engagement, Over-travel, and pull weight from 8oz.-2.5lbs.
Ο    Available in blue (black) and Nickel Plated.
Ο    Teflon nickel coated Sears to guarantee a lifetime of reliable service.

Jewell HVR Trigger - Replacement Trigger for Remington 700

Optional factory type safety and bolt release (made from 4130 sheet stainless) function "better than the original". Also offered is a safety that sits inside the trigger bow for those so inclined. Jewell simply recommends lighter fluid to flush any crud from the module (if it should get dirty) after each barrel cleaning.

For those unfamiliar with Jewell triggers, they are considered by the cognoscenti of rifle shooting to be the very finest made. Nothing is spared in their construction; heat treated 440 stainless steel for internals, 330 stainless for the side plates and all internal parts are stainless. The complete high grade stainless steel construction means very little potential for any corrosion.

The First step in this component swap is to remove the factory trigger module.

The HVR is fabricated as a complete self contained unit.

All adjustments on the Jewell can be made externally via the allen screws.

After thoroughly cleaning and making a visual inspection of the cuts in the receiver for any burrs or irregularities and we are ready to begin installing the Jewell HVR.

This is simply done in the reverse order.

Slide trigger module into place and gently tap in the front securing pin and place the Bolt stop in the slot parallel the trigger cut in the receiver. It is helpful to use a slave pin or 2nd drift punch to hold parts in place and free up a hand. Rotate the Jewell trigger module into the receiver and slip the drift punch into rear hole from the left side. Place the bolt stop spring coil down into the small cut alongside the bolt stop (Long arm forward and bent leg fitting into the trigger cut), press downwards and slide the 2nd drift punch through to hold everything in place. Rotate the rear of the HVR into place making sure the leg of the bolt release engages the notch in the bolt stop.

Gently tap the rear stop pin into place with the tapered end first until it is just "peeking" through the opposite side of the pin hole. This should leave about .050-.060" of the pin exposed above the bolt stop. Now that everything is officially reassembled, insert the bolt and carefully function check the unit by loading some dummy rounds or snap caps and vigorously cycling the action with the safety in the "OFF" position. The firing pin should not fall, if it does readjustment may be necessary. Do not try for a benchrest type weight or release! Once again, state of the art engineering

If you own a Remington 700 (or similar "cloned" action), wish to dramatically improve the trigger, and will accept absolutely no compromises in function or performance, get the Jewell HVR.
We can supply and fit Arnold Jewell trigger units, if you require.

Jewell HVR adjustment ranges/spring weights